Karri offers Albion Saddle sales, Used Albion consignment, personalized fitting services, and bodywork.

Albion Saddle Sales

Saddle sales often start with demonstrations, appointments start with the rider sitting in various saddles on the to establish feel and size. The rider then can ride with the saddle on their horse to see how it feels in work. To finish, measurements are taken of the horse to determine size and possible customization.

Personalized Fitting Services

This includes an evaluation of the saddle both with and without a rider, as well as the horse in work. Karri will determine if any changes need to be made through the information gathered during an intake interview as well as through the evaluation. Changes can include flocking, shims, pad changes, etc.


As a certified equine massage therapist Karri occasionally offers bodywork services to her clients in need. Softening tissue and relieving pain can greatly influence a horses way of going and how they carry the saddle. Along with hand manipulation, Karri also offers Micro-current therapy.